Cleanup on Aisle 4

I've been reading the accounts of the fatal shooting of an innocent shopper and grocery store worker at the Bend Safeway last evening. The lunatic who ran in and shot up the place did it with an assault rifle, of course. Typical.

No, you can't even go to the grocery store on a Sunday any more without a Kevlar vest on.

What disturbed me the most, though, were the comments made by some of the witnesses to the grisly scene. One woman said, "I have guns myself. I like to go shooting. So I knew what that sound was." Another woman told a reporter, "As soon as I saw what was happening, I pulled my own gun out of my purse. And my husband ran off to the car to get his gun."

This country is utterly out of its mind.


  1. How long until Tina’s campaign uses this against Betsy? I would say a week or less.

    1. It’s malpractice if they wait a week.

    2. Tina sent out a bleat today to capitalize on the situation. But she didn't mention her opponents:

      "This has to stop. We all want this to be different.

      "As Governor, I will keep fighting to keep guns away from those who are likely to harm themselves or others. I will keep fighting to keep weapons of war out of the hands of teenagers. I know we can figure this out."

      All those years as House Speaker, she did bupkis.

    3. Ever notice how politicians say that they fought or will fight for this or that. WTF does that mean. Give me some concrete examples how and steps were taken or will take and how you will actually put those into action. I'd like to see something more that the 30,000 foot rhetoric.


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