Both-sides-ing the devil

The New York Times
is a big disappointment today, as it is too many days. Front-page headlines, treating the Justice Department's search and seizure at Orange Caligula's squalid palace as if it were some sort of political game. 

Until that miserable wretch took office, federal law enforcement was taken as serious business, and no one was above the law. It's time we got back to that sensibility. The Times is not helping by treating O.C. as a political cartoon rather than the head of a crime syndicate, which he is clearly is. 

I guess the constant drama of Trumpism sells subscriptions and ad space. It's the only explanation for garbage like their treatment today of what should be seen as perfectly correct prosecution of significant crime.


  1. Yes, well said. There's a great old book "Amusing Ourselves to Death" that forecast with chilling accuracy our present plight, with clowns gaining positions of power because media reducing everything to simplistic stories and cartoon roles and totally unwilling to deal with anything that, heaven forbid, might be considered boring. We have met the enemy, and they is us indeed.


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