Beyond salvation

Well, Liz Cheney is out, and Sarah Palin is back in. It's the Republican Party, folks; get used to it. It will never go back to sanity now. 

If you're stll part of it, get a grip on yourself. Andrew Yang wants to start a new party or two. If you can't stomach the thought of becoming a Democrat, you should look him up before you embarrass yourself any further.


  1. If you want to experience the absolute worst that a political party can be and the negative impact it can have on your life and savings, come live in the Pearl District. High crime, high taxes, homeless people in tents surrounded by trash, drugged out zombies, abandoned businesses, virtually no police presence. All brought to you by the Democratic Party. The Democrats trick here is to point fingers at politicians in the other party in other cities to make themselves feel superior. Portland is #60 of 62 top cities in recovering from the pandemic, and the only city in America where the Apple store still has protective fencing around it. Want to witness the total failure of a political party? Come to Portland. Democrats have destroyed this city. There isn’t a Republican in sight, and this is as bad as it gets.

    1. How dare you speak of the inconvenient truth!

    2. Drazan is incapable of completing a thought without invoking Kate Brown.

      "How's your meal, Ms Drazan?"

      "Kate Brown ruined this potato salad, otherwise it's great."

      But sure, let's talk about finger pointing.

    3. What does Drazan have to do with this thread?

    4. Yep that's the cold blooded truth about Portland. It's broken, run entirely by Democrats and unfixable. Yet Portland Democrats would like to see the same domination by Democrats nationwide. Makes no sense. RDS ?

    5. The Kotek plan for the homeless, as per her tv ad, is for services to be applied "one tent at a time", or words to that effect. Does this mean homeless camps can't be broken up and the denizens moved on because they're getting services at their tents? Give me a break. I suppose it's more specific than anything we've seen out of the other two candidates, but no, just no. This won't help clean up downtown, the Pearl, or any other neighborhood.

  2. All both parties know how to do is increase the deficit and then tell us how much they are doing to help us while they line their pockets from inside deals. What utter foolishness and corruption! Earl the Pearl is a perfect example of sheer lunacy and tone deafness- but he will never lose an election because the sheeple obey as told.

    A third party has absolutely no chance because the system is totally rigged. The only thing that will force change in this city is to hit rock bottom, and we're almost there.


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