All the news that's fit to stab

Betsy Johnson has turned in the signatures she needs to get on the November ballot, running for Oregon governor as an independent.

So what does the Jack Ruby of Portland journalism have to say about it in the Weed?

  • The Republicans hate her.
  • The unions hate her.
  • She sounds like that phony, New York Nick Kristof.

Can they take a Pulitzer back? And it's just the beginning. Wait 'til after Labor Day. The hacking will be unmerciful.


  1. I'm seeing a lot of yard signs for Johnson in Clackamas, Yamhill, and Marion County. My read is she's going to do real damage to Drazan. They REALLY don't like Kotek out here, but they don't seem that impressed with the alternative.

    IMO, Drazen can pull them back if she'd tone down the DeSantis-lite stuff. I don't know if she has it in her.


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