You'll never guess what happened

Well, I'm shocked, shocked I say, to see what's happened with the guy charged with repeatedly punching a five-year-old girl in the head, because of her race, while she was out on a family bike ride in Portland over the weekend. (He also allegedly punched her father in the head many times.) By golly, can you believe it? After the cops arrested him and promptly released him, he has reportedly skipped out on a court date and now nobody knows where he is.

What a surprise!

At least now we get to his mug shot. His name is Dylan Kesterson. Until he skipped, a new state law did not allow his face to be shown, to respect his precious privacy. We wouldn't want his reputation to suffer.

Anyway, my money says he's long gone, to southern Califiornia, or Idaho, or even Mexico, but really, at this point he could be anywhere. The official press release from Portland's so-called "police force" is here. Another fine job, boys! It's why we all feel so safe here.

UPDATE, an hour later: It's amazing, but the Weed won't post the mugshot, nor allow it to be posted in comments. Wow.

UPDATE, that evening: He didn't go far, and they found him, so they locked him up again. Pro tip: Commit violent hate crime on holiday weekend. Nobody who's around will know what they are doing.


  1. The bump on his forehead tells me he may have resisted arrest...

  2. What are the odds that this guy’s last known address is a tent?


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