To find the places she got hurt

You just know the hit people at the Weed have a whole deck of embarrassing stories to tell about Betsy "Machine Gun" Johnson, who has a decent shot at causing their darling T. Kohoutek to lose the latter's bid to become to nation's first openly schmuck governor. The paper and its two main political assassins will time the releases of that material carefully to sustain maximum damage.

Today their no. 2 executioner, Rachel "Al Neri" Monahan, spotlights a traffic accident from nine years ago in which Machine Gun behaved badly. They drop this with four months to go before the election, no less. This means there's more, much more. Stories that the Weed has had in the bag for years. They will make for interesting reading indeed, but they will also confirm the sad fact that the timing of the "journalism" from that quarter always has an agenda. Always.


  1. Disappointed that tax law apparently made you forget that every auto liability policy assigns to the insurer the absolute right to choose tactics in defending the insured. Weed slimily attributes to Johnson decsions that she had absolutely no control of: sucessfully interposing legislative immunity to get the initial Complaint dismissed; settling for "only" $43,000. The false analogy that because Johnson wants to hold "government" "accountable", she's somehow a hypocrite because she didn't breach her insurance contract by "forbidding" her carrier from defending the claim as it saw best.

  2. It's not just what the insurance company did. As I get the story, she personally was a jerk to the first responders.

    1. Given that most sucessful politicians are narcissists [who else could ignore the constant stream of snark?], and that if she wasn't in shock, given how seriously she was injured, she is indeed Superwoman, I'm not surprised by the [is it admissable?] hearsay, you repeat. I am surprised, however, given your incisive and insightful take on the decline and fall of Portland, which will only accelerate if Kate 2.0 governs, your stated declaration that "you'll never vote for a Republican", that you don't realize, character flaws and all [he without any, may cast the first stone] Betsy is clearly the best of our usual bad alternatives.


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