They're back

In February I wrote about two carloads of young men who were constantly annoying the heck out of neighbors on Northeast 23rd Avenue, at the very front door of the Madeleine Grammar School. They would park (one in the wrong direction) for long periods, smoke pot in the car, then drive off erratically leaving garbage (usually cannabis flower containers) behind.

I saw them myself, and they did not look like they were old enough to possess marijuana. And they sure shouldn't be driving under the influence, no one should.

Shortly after I posted that, the neighbors reported that the visits suddenly stopped. I figured that perhaps the young men's parents got the message, and relayed it to the kids.

But maybe I was wrong about that. Or maybe these guys have short memories. But today, I'm told, they were back, doing exactly what they were doing during the winter. The same red Trail Blazer car, the same blue Subaru, parked in the same spots, roaring off as dangerously as ever. White-boy badasses of Irvington.

One of the neighbors has apparently expressed his displeasure to these fellows in clear terms, but they just brush him off. They are determined to stake out this turf for their regular weed rendezvous. Apparently they have nothing better to do.

Dear Mom: It's your car, it's your car insurance, and it's your kid's college application. It's a big city. The people on 23rd are just asking Junior to take it somewhere else. Anywhere else. They are up to strike 2.