The bake sale was a success

The folks who are going over the politicians' cowardly heads and putting some fairly meaningful gun control on the fall ballot here in Oregon appear to have succeeded in raising the requisite number of signatures. They say they've turned in more than 161,500, when only 112,020 are required.

They never should have had to do it. Tina Kotek, Betsy Johnson, Peter Courtney, Ginny Burdick, what a bunch of do-nothings in the state legislature. They should be ashamed to have been shown up so badly.

The proponents are taking a well-deserved breather, but it will be short. The election is November 8.


  1. The measure looks good, but it 1. Deals with permits for gun ownership, and 2. Restricts magazine size. Is it DOA for violating the single-subject rule? I would have thought that by now petitioners would be extra careful to do these things as a string of separate initiatives.

    1. I am no expert on these things, but I am told that the time for raising an objection on that ground is past. I hope that's right. I share your concern.


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