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Willamette Weed & Mushroom
has a fluffy little piece up today combining two of their favorite topics. The story is about how Senator Ron "Gatsby" Wyden ("D"-"Oregon") is "hoping" and "trying" to get legislation passed allowing pot sellers to have bank accounts and take credit cards. He's "hoping" and "trying" to get it done in the next month or two.

Ha! Ha!

Ron "hopes" and "tries" a lot, but even though he is the chair of the Senate Finance Committee, in a Democratically controlled Congress with a Democrat in the White House, he gets precious little done. At age 73, he'll be re-elected in a few months and will continue to consume oxygen in the Capitol until they wheel him out. But hey, his heart's in the right place, even if he does live in New York City.


  1. The important thing is to appear to be doing something, not actually accomplishing anything.

    The first, foremost and sole objective of an elected official is to be re-elected. Everything, especially the accumulation of wealth and power, flows from that.

    In Wyden’s case it would be better to be in the minority, which lowers expectations among constituents and provides political cover for his inaction.

    You are correct in that Wyden will have his Senate seat as long as he wants it or until his mortality imposes term limits. Lord knows he has nothing to fear from Oregon voters.


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