Leave that library card in the drawer

Who needs to check out science fiction books when you can read the local news in Portland?

Here's a fun story about a homeless camp, on City of Portland government property, where one of the squatters charges the other ones rent.

“We’re at a loss right now,” said White. He says that people living in the camp have stolen from his storage yard. “Our customers on the RV side are having their gas being taken out, the catalytic converters are being taken, some RVs have been broke into.”

White and his family have called police and every city official.

“Nobody wants to even respond,” he said.

Meanwhile, if you find a vacant house in Portland, just move in. No one will bother you. It's the ultimate in "affordable housing."

“Several of the properties that we look at have had some sort of degree of unauthorized persons in them — but again, that's a matter for law enforcement to deal with,” said Ken Ray, public information officer for the Bureau of Development Services.

As for getting police to respond, neighbors say that's been an ongoing battle.

“It's like almost a lawless city a little bit, feels like no one's really listening and that kind of freaks me out a little bit,” said Adcock.

“They know my name at the police station — when I call they don't do anything,” said Wilde.

It really is breathtaking. 


  1. I did a long photowalk through the Central Eastside Industrial District yesterday. To generalize, I'd characterize many areas I saw as anti-utopian, including the areas that I recently helped SOVE clean up. I've never had an opportunity to use the expression 'anti-utopian' to describe one of my walks in Portland before, but it seems apt in this case. For the record, I've done many long walks in the Central Eastside since 2010, so I have a solid 'before' frame of reference. When I post my photos, as I customarily do, I'll omit the "bad" ones.

    All that said, I'm so incredibly weary of Portland's tolerance for lawlessness. I say more on my politics page on my site.


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