It's a regular thing now

You're walking along in Portland and a crazed homeless person starts punching the hell out of you. It reportedly happened again yesterday, to a KGW reporter no less, in a city park. That's at least three times in a month.

Police found Sears nearby a short time later. An officer told KGW the suspect had been attempting to assault another victim when they arrested him....

Sears was arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge. 

A police spokesman said Sears’ probation officer issued a “detainer” because this isn’t the first case where he’s accused of randomly targeting people for violence. The spokesman said that means Sears likely won’t be quickly released from jail.

Court records show Sears, 31, has two previous arrests for assault in March. One case didn’t result in criminal charges and the second is still open.

In that case, Sears is accused of approaching a 70-year-old man on East Burnside Street and attacking him with a large stick he picked up from the ground, according to court records. A prosecutor wrote that Sears struck the man in the back of the head and tried to evade arrest when officers arrived.

In May, a judge ordered Sears could be released from jail after his defense attorney said he would receive a bed at Portland shelter that helps people get out of homelessness.  

And so he got to roam until he went off again. More great work from our Multnomah County district attorney and courts. 

At least he didn't have a knife. Today's the first anniversary of that wonderful moment. And at least nobody died, which these days by Portland standards is good enough.


  1. Why has there been no recall effort for our DA, like was done in SF?

  2. This is so frustrating. We have tried literally everything: park rangers, orange barrels, decriminalizing hard drugs.

    1. Decriminalizing hard drugs created a lot of this. What a bad idea......


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