Fish are jumpin', and the Covid is high

People are through with Covid, but Covid isn't through with us. Just a reminder that we're in a bit of a surge right now. Here are the Oregon hospitalization trends:

And in fact, things have gone up a little since they last updated this chart. As of yesterday, there were 458 people with Covid in Oregon hospitals, up by 35 from the week before. That's an 8.3 percent increase in a week.

It was a great spring, but summer's getting kinda virus-y. Something tells me it's time for the fourth shot and some new masks.


  1. Definitely get your 4th shot. My wife tested positive recently and gave it to at least two people. All had major aches, fever and exhaustion. I got my 4th shot a few weeks earlier and am asymptomatic and testing negative. Subjective data point, but I'm convinced my recent booster kept me Covid-free.


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