Festival's over, but the blues continue

The black bloc-heads were at it again last night in downtown Portland. They busted a lot of stuff up

On Friday night, they trashed a fair amount of property in north Portland. They also assaulted a guy who was trying to take a video recording of the festivities.

The "protesters" say last night's act-out was in protest of some poor Black guy being gunned down by the cops in Ohio, but we all know that the Portlandian avengers of all societal wrongs will pick up on any excuse to go out and break windows and spray-paint their profundities on everything. Last week it was abortion, this week it's Jaylon Walker, next week it will be something else.

What it really is is a society in which, rightly or wrongly, they will never make it. As long as there is civilization, they will never be happy. Unless they get psychiatric help, or some time in a jail cell, they'll never stop.

Traditionally, the Portland police have had two courses of action that they take when this kind of thing happens: (1) do nothing, or (2) inflict unmitigated brutality with a frat-boy edge. After one in their ranks was actually charged with a misdemeanor for his gleeful participation in option (2), the police now rely solely on option (1). "We're understaffed." Shrug. That's it.

The downward spiral that got going two years ago is really accelerating.


  1. This will not improve before the end of the progressive DA’s term at the end of 2024, or if he gets recalled. Mike Schmidt is killing Portland.

  2. Why don’t our governor and mayor work to post national guard troops in Portland indefinitely to be used to stop these criminals? There seem to be 100 of them and they have to be stopped or Portland is doomed to permanent plywood storefronts

    1. I think it's more like 50 hard-core, plus a few dozen hangers-on who would disappear the minute there were actual consequences.

    2. Why hasn’t the city offered substantial rewards for information leading to the conviction of these criminals? Surely the roommates of some of these losers would turn on them if the price were right?


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