Fast forward

When I was a little boy, and JFK was running for President, I remember people talking about what would happen if a Catholic became President. Would he be so loyal to his faith that the Vatican would be running the country?

Well, he made it, before they killed him, and I don't think the Catholic thing mattered much in what he did in the White House.

Here we are 62 years later, and a de facto Vatican takeover is once again on some people's minds. But this time, it's the Supreme Court that they worry about. Seven of the nine justices are baptized Catholics, and six are practicing Catholics. (Gorsuch goes to Epicopal Church now.)

Lately the Court is very into making rulings in the name of religious freedom. Separation of church and state is not usually the winner when they're calling the shots. Then there's the abortion thing. Can people be forgiven for suspecting that the justices are choosing to go to heaven themselves even if it means creating a hell on earth for other people?