Classic Blazers news

That draft pick the Blazers tanked all of last season to get? He lasted literally five minutes in summer league before tearing his left shoulder. He's out for the rest of summer league and will be re-evaluated in 10 to 14 days.

The guy had not played in an actual game since high school, more than a year ago.

At least Damian Lillard's getting the nine figures he deserves. But the rest of the operation, which they insist isn't for sale (at least not at current offering prices, heh), looks as shaky as ever.


  1. **facepalm**

    And, I'm not even a basketball fan, much less a Blazer fan.

  2. Don’t know if you watch the Apple series For All Mankind, but it’s an alternate history show. At the beginning of this season they were playing news clips, one of which announced the Trailblazers had drafted Michael Jordan as its first pick instead of Sam Bowie. That would have been nice.

  3. Sam Bowie. Greg Oden. Brandon Roy. Bill Walton. Is it the water?


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