Aren't you glad you came downtown?

Here's somebody trying to go home from the Blues Festival Monday night (audio is not safe for work):
@haileebobailee This happened in #portland after a cutw family firework outing. And plz tell me why that pwrson took a pic. #antifa ♬ original sound - Hailee Lautenbach
There's a story about it in the O, here. The worthless cops let it all go, of course.

A friend of mine who found himself in the same mob writes: "I ran into those black-clothed 'abortion rights protestors' on SW 4th, trying to pick my way back to Burnside from the Bluesfest. Maybe 50 with covered faces passed around my car. I couldn’t get my phone to work and call 911. They were by me and I decided someone else must have called. Beerhall Putsch and Krystallnacht kind of stuff."

Sounds about right. It's Wheelerville; enter at your own risk.


  1. Protesting the overturning of Roe in Portland is ludicrous. Why don't they travel to Alabama or Missouri or DC or at least Idaho?

  2. Inner Portland is a City of Dread. Dread of having to live there or go there. Dread of nightfall. Dread of tomorrow and next year being just as bad.
    It will be at least a decade or more before the dread is gone.
    Various surrounding neighborhoods strive to stay livable. But downtown and the inner eastside are not viable.
    The convention center and cc Hotel won't be doing much. May as well house some homeless.


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