Your homeless tax dollars down a rat hole – literally

Let's see, put City of Portland bureaucrats, Multnomah County bureaucrats, a nonprofit from the homeless industial complex, a property management company, and a no-tell motel kingpin together, give them more than half a million bucks a year to play with, and tell them to give some poor veterans a place to live. What do you wind up with?

An absolute disgrace, of course. The official assessment is here.

Do Good Multnomah, a nonprofit that serves homeless veterans, provided support services to residents with staff on site every day of the week. The nonprofit paid a company called Home First Development to do day-to-day property management. Local hotelier Ganesh Sonpatki owned the building. Home Forward, the local housing authority, provided vouchers to the vast majority of residents to help cover rent and said it inspected units before these tenants moved in.

But it was the Joint Office that held the purse strings and was responsible for making sure tenants’ $1,045 monthly rent was paid in full. And it’s the Joint Office, the auditor’s office maintains, that should have stepped in to lift the residents out of squalor.

Multiply by hundreds, and that's what you'll be getting out of the new Metro homeless income tax over the next 10 years. You can only hope and pray that somebody with a lick of sense will get hold of the reins here soon. The dysfunction, waste, and graft are squeezing the life out of the city.


  1. It's what happens when voters buy into a 'pig in a poke'. Hey....The Convention Center Hotel is a quasi-public project; why don't they just lodge the homeless there?

  2. We just need to spend another Billion or so and we will get this thing licked. And I bet the all that money collected for the "Arts" is doing even better in accountability.

  3. City of Houston's been getting a lot of press. Homelessness down 63% over the last decade and 20% since COVID. Portland saw a 30% uptick.

    Houston has a plan to spend $100M and halve their remaining homelessness rate by 50% by 2025. The county spent $161M last year and a $250+M in the next year.,2020%2C%20to%202%2C964%20in%202022.


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