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Ha! Ha! The O picked up the Betsy Johnson machine gun story that they read here on Sunday, and ran a warmed-over version of it last night. I should send them an invoice. But truth be told, we are both indebted to the Astorian newspaper, which originally reported the story nine years ago.

Meanwhile, ol' NRA Betsy is back-pedaling furiously. Last week, she was all "mental illness is the problem." Now suddenly she's okay with background checks and prohibiting sales of "certain" firearms to people not old enough to drink. Anything to stay in the middle, I guess.

The Republican candidate, who's just a few years and three hair color numbers away from somebody on the Fox News studio set, says she will veto all gun control bills.

I would like to vote for Betsy, but the events of the last week have dampened my enthusiasm considerably. On the other hand, this ad, which came up on the top of the screen of yesterday's story, is still pretty interesting:


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  2. Incredible the O keeps plagiarizing your stories. With the amount of output you have and your talents, you should hire someone to build a more "legit" looking website with a more "institutional" touch (no offense to the current blogger brand). However, the O should be taking you seriously. I can tell you, I'm not the only one who relies on your columns as their principle source of news - not just because your writing is not bleached in buckets of groupthink - but due to the sheer volume of your reporting. They should not be dropping ethical standards because you write in wordpress when they have... three layers of Macy's ads gilding every story about a new Ducks game I never heard about.

  3. Oregon law already requires background checks on private party firearm transfers, including at gun shows so there is no “gun show loophole” here. Federal law requires checks on transfers from gun dealers. What are Oregon politicians who call for background checks talking about?

  4. You need a paywall just for the Oregonian.


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