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Well, they held the American men's pro basketball draft yesterday. This is where teams get to pick which promising new player or two that they want. They make a big TV show out of it. I think I might have watched it once. It's boring.

The Portland Trail Blazers, who tanked their entire season to get a prime choice in the process, wound up taking a guard who'll probably be fourth-string, if he even makes the team. But I guess if Damian Lillard walks, which he seems likely to do given the team's pitiful management, the new guy, Shaedon Sharpe, will get to play some. But he never went to college, and so nobody really knows if he's up to big minutes.

Anyway, my favorite NBA moment of the week came while I was sleeping. I dreamed that I saw Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN dumpster-diving outside the Moda Center to dig out documents from the Blazers' trash. He got dirty, but he did come up with something and went inside the arena.


  1. From a scouting report: grade: B+

    “Sharpe is a swing. He's not a complete mystery as you might have heard, but at the 7 spot he was the last real chance for a star scorer in this class, and is a great above the rim athlete with huge hands.”

    That sounds good to me. If he works out then he’s gonna be great off the bench if the current Dame experiment works. If it doesn’t, we flip Dame plus Jerami Grant’s expiring deal and get a bunch of stuff back to rebuild around Simons and this kid. Better than trading the pick for a meh player with a big contract and limited upside that does nothing for us if we trade Dame.


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