The winners

Well, American men's basketball is finally over for a while. Last night the Golden State Warriors beat the Boston Celtics to win their series, four games to two. The final game was played in Boston, and the home team seemed to quit after a while, which was a sad way to go down.

And so the Celtics, with their strong Portland connections, did not quite reach the top, but they sure were a fun group to watch down the stretch. As for the Warriors, they have a Portland link, too. One of their sharpshooters, Klay Thompson, who was coming back from injury and wasn't that sharp in the playoffs, is the son of a former Trail Blazer, Mychal Thompson. They lived in Lake Oswego for a while, and Klay played some youth sports down there, I hear. Last night, in the victory celebration, he blurted out his regards to his family in Vancouver, Washington. Maybe in his honor we can call it the 'Kouve.

I like Klay, and I appreciate his partner in crime, Steph Curry (pictured), who was the series' most valuable player. The San Francisco team has a new guy, Andrew Wiggins, who really gets it done as well. That said, I have no use for their big-mouth bomb-thrower Draymond Green, who's as obnoxious as ever. And to me, their other new guy, Jordan Poole, is suspect in the sportsmanship department. So it's a mixed bag. I did bet on them at a good time, though, and made $1.45 on my $1 wager.

Now we get grass-court tennis from Europe for a while, then a couple of months of baseball in all its standing-around-ness. And if it ever stops raining, yard work.