The stupid never stops

Here's the latest from the Portland "transportation" bureau: They've picked up all the roadside garbage!

Only kidding. 

The City Hall bureaucrats now have Northeast Hancock Street in the Hollywod District blocked off between 41st Avenue and the Avenue Formerly Known as 39th (now César E. Chávez "Boulevard").

The only souls who will be able to get through there on the road now are the 1 percent who do so on bicycles. Everyone in a motor vehicle gets diverted onto the nightmare that the bureaucrats have already made out of the nearby streets.

This can't be good for the businesses around there. It can't be good for the neighbors trying to get to and from their homes. It's just another obnoxious flex by the urban planning overlords to remind you that the very air you breathe belongs to them. And if you have a job, a family, a car, and/or a lawn, Portland City Hall doesn't want you. Get the hell out. Go to Camas.

But oh, the city's many bikey children are no doubt beside themselves with glee. Remember, those naïfs will all be voting for their new heroine, Jo Ann With the Bullhorn, this November. Normal Portlanders, if you disagree, you'd better show up and vote accordingly.


  1. Jack, we have to do something; do you think the People For Portland group is the route? Frankly, I think you ought to run for city council.

  2. There's no way out of there except up.

  3. Another lane bites the dust... Good Times.

  4. I have a job, a family, a car, and a lawn, and I love this change. Shave your ears and think about the future for a minute. It needs to include less driving in central urban areas, as many other progressive cities have also recognized.

    1. The future of Portland is quite dim at the moment. The car haters have not helped and are not helping. You must be a relative newcomer. It takes a while to feel them pushing you out. You'll see.

  5. Greenways are supposed to divert car traffic to create a safe biking route, so hopefully your assessment is correct!


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