Sometimes you're the bug

I see that Betsy Johnson called Portland the "City of Roaches" in the New York Times today. She's right, of course, but you have to wonder who in her campaign thinks that kind of talk is going to help her win the election for governor.

The way I'm seeing it, Drazen, the red-meat Trump lady, is going to get 35 percent of the vote. And so if Kohoutek gets 33 percent and Johnson gets 32 percent, Drazen wins. Only if one of the latter two gets up to 36 percent can the disaster of Trumpism be averted.

That said, I think Betsy's loose lips may push Her, Tina over that mark. Which would not be the worst result, but what is Johnson thinking?


  1. She does seem to go a little too far with her description, but I hope voters can see the distinction between her willingness to clean up the city and Tina’s history of backing legislation that allowed things to get worse. Drazan of course would be a disaster.

  2. 1. It's alliterative, if not too clever by half.
    2. More importantly, you're analyzing why she shouldn't have said it through the narrow lens of its predicted effect on voters. This skepticism is appreciated usually, but can you at least entertain that she genuinely believes it and is going to say it because it's best for our mutually beloved state? The only way out of our current hole is if people of good faith, act in good faith, and not always out of cynical self-interest.

  3. My Republican friends say voting for Betsy helps elect Tina. My Democrat friends say it helps Drazan. I'm ignoring both. One third of Oregon is either unaffiliated or in a third party. Everyone should just vote their own conscience and stop persuading others to ignore theirs.

  4. She gets my vote. I have lived in the “Pearl District” for the past ten years. My home has been on the market for months with hardly any showings. It is not marketable. What moron would move here? Tents everywhere, drugged out zombies, trash, graffiti, sky-high taxes and crime. The city of roaches is right. This city is run by Democrats who are all disasters…the mayor, the DA, the City Council members, and the Governor. I’ve voted all Democrat in the past. What a mistake. Never again.

  5. Often when I go to the Hollywood Library there is someone outside campaigning for Betsy. The campaigner is a little aggressive, won't stop bellowing at you if you try and ignore her.


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