Made in Oregon

The news is abuzz these days with the horrors revealed (or mostly confirmed) by the Congressional hearings looking into the January 6 insurrection. But Portland-area residents take note: The murderous looney tunes who defiled the Capitol have plenty of compatriots in our neck of the woods, and they spent many months engaging in violent demonstrations here before they did it there.

OPB has the story here. Reporter Jonathan Levinson concludes that "Oregon was central to escalating political violence leading up to the Capitol assault." And don't overlook these tidbits:

In 2017, during a Portland rally organized by Gibson, members of a militia assisted law enforcement from the Federal Protective Services in arresting an antifascist counterdemonstrator. The incident was one of many around the country pointing to a resurgent militia movement becoming more accepted in conservative circles....

An OPB investigation last year also revealed more than two dozen Oregon law enforcement officers had joined the Oath Keepers since its founding.

It's sad indeed that the 2020's are the new 1930's.