In Salem, the fusters are clucking

Whenever I say the name Neil Goldschmidt, I spit on the ground. But he could be a pretty masterful politician at times. I remember when he was running for governor, and he noticed how frustrated everyone in Portland was about the long lines you had to endure at the DEQ to get your car emissions-tested. Old Neil promised to have the agency open longer hours, and hours that actually worked for people with jobs and families. And once he was elected, he delivered.

Contrast that with the miserable performance from the bureaucrats in Salem these days, and the indifference or incompetence of the politicians who are supposedly overseeing them. Now we read that because the DMV has a staffing shortage, they're just giving up and closing offices. And even the ones that aren't completely shuttered are only open now and then. 

This week, KGW found people waiting outside of the downtown Portland DMV office who were unaware it is closed Monday through Wednesday right now....

The Lake Oswego office is currently open Monday through Wednesday, but closed Thursday and Friday.

For Pete's sake, are they kidding? Killer Kate's merry band of all-purpose management bunglers are really outdoing themselves. High taxes, constant invention of new taxes, high fees, tolls on the way, but they can't even keep bankers' hours.

Do you think Governor T. Kohoutek will straighten this mess out? Or make it worse? 


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