In the Columbia, the wrong kind of Buoys

Oh, dear. I'm beyond sorry to see this. Recently I've been enjoying a lovely, summery Buoy lager every now and then. Made in Astoria, it's great stuff. And so to learn that part of their brewery is falling into the Columbia River, oh the humanity!

It gets worse. In the most recent incident, cans of that golden beverage were seen floating in the river, heading out to sea. Tragic indeed, except maybe for the sea lions.

Remind me to stock up.


  1. I wonder what caused the building to collapse in like that? I used to do a courier route, and Astoria was a daily stop for years. I had one client out on one of those piers.......I believe that it used to be an old cannery or something.

    To get to it I had to drive over an old rickety wooden bridge and in the building was a modern office. But you couldn’t hide the age of the building or the pier itself. I always wondered how much longer those old structures could last, and didn’t want to be there when it gave up the ghost!

    And then there were the sea lions terrorizing the dock below. Boy those things are frickin’ loud when they all are going at the same time. I don’t know how the people could listen to that all day. It would had driven me crazy.

  2. The river is running really fast right now. Probably putting a strain on things...


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