In Astoria, checkout time is 7

I wrote last week about the City of Seaside's new ordinance requiring that overnight campers be on the move from public property by 8 a.m. Now the next city up from there, Astoria, has enacted a similar rule. Camping is prohibited from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Astoria Mayor Bruce Jones said the ordnance addresses some residents' safety concerns. 

“Some of these groups of unhoused people have made our residents and visitors business owners feel unsafe, and that’s unacceptable,” Jones said. “I certainly see there’s arguments on both sides, and I understand the folks who are advocates for the unhoused don't want any ordinances that place any restrictions whatsoever on camping. But from the perspective from our residents and visitors and business owners, it’s unacceptable to have people simply allowed to camp out for long periods of time.”

Sounds eminently reasonable to me.