Horrow show, Season 1 finale

The Supreme Court handed down its climate change decision today. And to no one's surprise, the justices stripped the Environmental Protection Agency of the authority to control carbon emissions. The vote was the usual 6 to 3. Chief Justice John Roberts, who used to represent federal agencies when he was a lawyer, wrote the opinion.

I believe that's the end of this annual term of the Court. It was the worst term in history, by far. Decision after decision, terrible for the future.

And of course, there's always next year. The fun picks up again in October. You won't recognize this country pretty soon.

Steve Breyer jumped off the ship at the end of the day after he swore in Ketanji Brown Jackson. I hope she likes writing dissents.

There are so many people to blame for this. Trump, of course. But also Anthony Kennedy, Ruth Ginsburg, the Bushes, and don't forget the Clinton campaign. People with enormous egos and not much common sense. So here we are.

As we watch the country and planet sliding down into the pit, we have never expected much help from the people in the black muumuus. But we hoped that they would do no harm. Alas, that was a false hope.


  1. Bushes replacement for Thurgood Marshall. Boy the damage that can be done by a 'one termer'.


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