Easy like Sunday morning

He owns the place.

There were no fireworks at the French Open men's singles tennis championship match yesterday. Señor Rafael Nadal Parera handed Casper Ruud's head to him. It was the 14th time that the Spaniard has hoisted La Coupe des Mousquetaires, and his 22nd career singles title at a "Grand Slam" tournament, the most by any man.

Nadal's blowout of Ruud mirrored Saturday's rout of Coco Gauff by Iga Swiatek. Neither match provided any real suspense. The tournament managers failed pretty badly with the seedings. Nadal's three previous matches were much better contests than the final.

But oh, those women's doubles, the finals of which I actually stayed up to watch live in the wee small hours. The organizers had given a "wild card" berth to the 2016 champs, Caroline Garcia and Kristina Mladenovic, and they wound up beating Gauff and her partner Jessica Pegula in three sets to win the championship. Gauff and Pegula are far more talented singles players, but Garcia and Mladenovic are a couple of wily, experienced French ladies who know all the tricks of the doubles trade. They handed Gauff her second finals loss in less than 24 hours.

But let's not feel too bad for Coco, or for any of them, considering the dough they all made:

  • Nadal and Swiatek: $2.36 million each
  • Ruud: $1.18 million
  • Gauff: $1.18 million for the singles, $155,000 for the doubles
  • Pegula: $407,000 for the singles (quarterfinalist), $155,000 for the doubles
  • Garcia and Mladenovic: $310,000 each

Sascha Zverev, who tore several ligaments in his foot upon turning his ankle in the semi-finals against Nadal, won around $640,000. Too bad about his wicked injury. He had a real shot at the title.

And now, for the able-bodied, it is on to the grass courts that lead to Wimbledon. You wonder whether Nadal will be able to go for it. He's won the first two of the four Grand Slams this year. A complete sweep would be unlikely, but not impossible if his body holds up. There's no quit in the guy, but Father Time is undefeated.


  1. This guy is pretty amazing. It's almost hard to believe that someone with such talent, unrelenting ambition and competitiveness, and historical greatness can also be a pretty well-rounded and kind human being. As he apparently is, though all I have to go on is what has been recorded in various media. Especially when compared with someone like Greg Norman, who apparently has become a hungry ghost stalking the PGA and enormous paydays he doesn't need in order to settle scores for slights real and imagined.https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2022/06/05/last-attack-greg-norman/


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