All the news that's fit to slant

Here's the latest from Willamette Weed & Mushroom on the Laurelhurst planter caper: a headline so biased they had to run it twice:

It's all part of the "news" coverage trying desperately to keep Jo Ann Hardesty's City Council job for her. With a wicked undertone of "capitalism must be destroyed." How badly they are fading over there; it's hard to take them seriously at this point. They're quickly sliding down a slope, at the bottom of which lies the Merc.

Anyway, here's the executive summary: Rene Gonzalez sympathizes with the park neighbors, and the Bullhorn Lady does not. Big revelation.


  1. In their view, the Laurelhurst neighborhood should be grateful that they are in the presence of the “campers.” Why should they live in peace in such lush surroundings. Are they not willing to share some of their prosperity with others?


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