They have earned it

When the Democrats lose both houses of Congress this fall, I guess we're all supposed to feel bad. But I won't cry too much. They deserve to lose. They have failed not just progressives, but everyone. Massacre after massacre of innocent people, and they just sit there. Blaming it on the filibuster, or Manchin.

Well, then, get rid of the filibuster. Drive Manchin nuts until he gives in.

I'll go even further: Shut the entire freaking federal government down until gun control passes. Just shut it the hell down, the way the Republicans would to get their way. Every committee chair in the Senate, just say, "No bills come out of here until gun control is signed into law. Manchin, it's time for you to man up."

But to do that, they'd have to care, genuinely. And they'd have to have guts, and brains. Sorry, folks. You know that ain't happenin'.

The Democratic Party voters deserve defeat, too. They can't get enough of the breathtaking impotence of people like Schumer and Pelosi. Toothless old codgers like Ron Wyden and Earl Blumenauer get 90 percent of the primary vote every election. "They're fighting for you." My eye, they are. They're fighting for their own power and money, every single day. While their wives play the stock market hot and heavy on God knows what information.

Here the Democrats are, knowing they have seven months left, and what are they achieving? Not just on gun control – how about on anything? The answer is, not much. They'd better be ramming judges through, because pretty soon the jig will be up in that department, too.

Their big showing in 2020 was the best they're going to do at the polls for quite a while to come. A whole lot of nothingburgers have come of it. Their window to do something is closing fast. And they'll whine and cry but let it close. Their corporate patrons will be greatly pleased.

Oregon is going to have three rookie members of the House next year. I wonder if they'll all be Democrats. I wouldn't bet on it.