Short practice at the shooting range

I see the Weed took a Sunday night shot at Bob Tiernan, who may well wind up being the Republican nominee for governor. Not that there's any need to undermine a Republican in a statewide race around here – they do that pretty well on their own – but the political assassins must keep their skills sharp. Tiernan makes for a convenient target. "He's from California!"

Next they'll show us Ron Wyden's travel calendar and tax returns. Ha! Ha! Only kidding.


  1. Why do you say republicans don't have a shot at the Gov. Spot regardless of who it is or what the portland papers say?

    Off year, low turn out, bad urban-rural divide, unpopular democrat governor, next choices even worse that way (charisma vacuum Toby or even more alienating & machine-politician Tina), ??? Betsy Johnson taking D swing votes?

    I'd say they got a shot at it?
    That's probably why there are so many that smell blood &/or free media at least?
    If we get some kinda ranked choice voting, Johnson doesn't take away D votes & turnout is decent, maybe not?


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