"Roe v. Wade! You'd better give me money!"

Maybe the ugliest part of the last few days is watching every Democratic Party politician in sight try to use the impending Supreme Court abortion decision as a hook to raise money for their campaign bank accounts. Especially the ones in Congress. What are they going to do about the court decision? Nothing but show. Wimps like Schumer and Wyden won't even put their teeth in. Each will assume his customary position gumming one of Mitch McConnell's ankles.

On the state level, I guess it's a different story, but certainly not here in Oregon. I keep getting reminders from the politicians here that they'll protect a women's right to choose, but hey, their opponents will, too. At least the sane ones with any prospect of winning.

Here was part of yesterday's mailer from you-know-who. It was so big that the mail guy folded it:

Progressive, progressive ├╝ber Alles! But you know what? Her main opponent in the current election, Tobias Read, stands for the same things. And he's not a highly divisive figure who will alienate friend and foe alike. No, we don't "need a fighter like Tina." Drive around Portland and you'll see.

Looking down the road, Betsy Johnson says no change in abortion laws would be in the offing if she became governor. And so the only possible threat to women's rights in that regard is from the crew currently riding around in the Republican clown car. None of them stands a realistic chance of becoming governor.

The local politicians are working the abortion rights angle as well, but they have got to be kidding. Nobody will ever get elected to anything in the Portland metropolitan area if they even think about restricting abortions. And so campaigning on Roe v. Wade is misleading. There is no difference among viable candidates for local office on that issue.

I don't give money to politicians – at least not voluntarily – no matter the circumstances. But especially not when they're milking misery like what's about to come, in many states, from our fallen Supreme Court.


  1. What Betsy Johnson says? Is it any better than what the candidates for Supreme Court justice said in their confirmation hearings, under oath? Because it sure seems to me like these political types just say what they think will sway more voters their way and then vote as they damned well please, regardless.

  2. My body my choice only applies to abortion for the new tyranny class that used to be called liberals.

  3. The candidates from both parties know that any significant change in Oregon's abortion laws would end up on the ballot (either presented as an initiative or sent to the people by referendum/referral). Regardless, candidates on both sides are clamoring non-stop about the issue as if our elected officials will have the final say. They won't. Even if a republican was somehow elected governor, they wouldn't have a legislature prepared to move a pro life bill. So the republican candidates are posturing for their base, and the democratic candidates are trying to whip up fear.

  4. what, oh what will the old aggrieved class do once they don't get to scream against abortion??? Sadly, the only solution is Father Time. As a 50 year old, I never used to root for him at all, but right now I do.


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