Put this fire out

This latest sampling of election porn would be hysterically funny, if it weren't so profoundly sad:

What in God's name is that costume all about? Is she heading off to check on a hot slot machine somewhere?

Please, Portland, for Pete's sake, vote for one of the others. This person did nothing for nearly three years but yell "F the police" and stir up trouble. She went off on a mystery trip last summer, flipped a switch, and came back acting all made over like a responsible manager. If you re-elect her, it's a good bet that she will be back to her worthless old ways the day after the election.

Most of the local media are going along with her tall tales, like the preposterous fable about traffic barrels stopping gun violence. The truth is, shootings continue to break all records. Then she's the big shot transportation czar, but funny thing, traffic deaths are more of a plague than they've ever been. Then she's the mastermind of "street response," which was actually invented elsewhere and copied here as part of driving her wedge between the public and the cops. And that worthless police union contract, with all the fat raises? Suddenly she loves it, because it's such a great reform document thanks to her, although gosh, the cops shot a guy and nearly killed him on Friday night, and here it is Tuesday and he doesn't even have a name.

The city auditor won't work with her. She blows off her personal credit card bills and the resulting court dates. The firefighters she manages won't endorse her. The reasons to just say no go on and on.

Is Portland better off than it was four years ago? The answer is as obvious as a hypodermic needle through your sneaker sole. The Jo Ann Experience was a noble experiment, very well-meaning, but it failed. Let's cut our losses. 

This is probably the most important part of any Portlander's ballot this time around. Please vote for Gonzalez, or even Mozy, and let The Bullhorn Lady go back to fleecing people somewhere in the nonprofit industrial complex. Don't worry, we'll all still get to see her, showing up from time to time to capitalize personally on bad situations. And doing nothing to help.


  1. She's our local Al Sharpton to you?
    Undecided on that as I don't think she outright works for the GOP like he does...allegedly...or really gets the big media gigs...
    She's ex military & used to wearing uniforms?

    Can't bring myself to kiss the Gonzales ring?
    Just can't do it...if all politics is spite, my enemies are in the neighborhoods with the signs for him...
    ...& it's odd that the police union would bother to endorse?
    Maybe they're really counting on the low information silent majority Eric Adams style?
    They're certainly not stupid, but I'd think they'd get the same results without having to stick their name out there to other low information voters who might explicitly *try* to vote against them, such as that's an option (which I 90% believe in practice it isn't/is too big a rock/nut to crack/focus your energies elsewhere or PERS top paid brass, regardless)

    That said, no-one is following me in numbers at the last minute after a good sized group sees the numbers to know what to do to vote strategically (such as that's even a thing, anymore?), so it doesn't matter.
    Jo Ann & Mozy runoff & eliminate Gonzales would be cool, but I think the split goes the other way?
    Then again, if everybody successful heads for the exits? eee
    Probably be Gonzales or Jo Ann, either way, so I think it's throw-away Mozy or underdog vote this time (whoever it is?)?

    Fear & loathing (or spite going in & sadness coming out after the results) is the new normal for sure...

  2. Perfectly said. Vadim is a nice guy but is too “Portland” to get anything done. Gonzalez is a leader who will speak plainly, hold people accountable and move forward to returning Portland to livability.


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