Oops! City Hall loses $1.4 million.

Here's a classic holiday weekend Friday news dump from Portland City Hall: Somebody stole $1.4 million of city money last month. The initial, vague version is that it was some sort of cybercrime involving email.

With arrogance comes incompetence, always.


  1. City hall incompetence runs far & deep and has for many years. Qualified people don't want/need the job(s) so the taxpayers are stuck with the likes of what we get. Same applies at the state level!!

  2. 1.4 million. Small potatoes.

  3. The Dims and the Reptiles just voted to send 40 BILLION to Ukraine so the money laundering could continue without a little battle disturbing the graft. Already most of the weapons are being sold on black markets, includes rockets. Good work everybody. Meanwhile, the city joins in the pillage.


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