Oh yes, wait a minute, Mr. Postman

A shout out to our mail carrier, who's been doing yeoman's work bringing us all the election porn. Here's the latest crop, more than we can possibly absorb:

And there was one more flyer, left on the porch. Maybe the candidate himself was walking around the 'hood scrounging for votes?

Let's get right to the highlight reel, shall we?

Here's an endorsement deal worth considering:

And here, finally, we get a non-bat-mitzvah photo of our pick for county commission chair:

Alas, that one takes an unfortunate turn on the other side: 

Hey, it proves she's human. We all make mistakes.

The final weekend of voting is nearly upon us. Soon it will be safe to let the children bring in the mail again.

I've still to figure out how to vote on state labor and industries commissioner. Advice, anyone?


  1. Someone that will dissolve the unneeded position?

  2. The Mapps endorsement is interesting in the seeming unsaid;
    'a certain *someone* isn't playing well with others'

    The Gonzales guy in his TV ad looks like the actor who plays the pedophile/rapist girls soccer coach in The Sopranos/is the vibe I get from the guy...no way / no thanks!
    There are enough of 'those' guys in the world...
    might get stuck with Gonzales either way...

    Meieran's opponent seems okish, but IDK that she's got a realistic shot at it?

    1. Gonzalez's main drawback is that he seems like the developers' pet. Meieran's only opponent that I would consider is Mayfield. She's a firecracker.

    2. Ya, Gonzales seems like the outright developer weasel/aggressive policing shill?
      If it looks & smells like that with expensive TV ads & lawn signs in 'all the usual suspect' places (LOL).

      Definitely saying the quiet part out out there, which kinda gives me pause?
      I gotta wonder what the calculation is with the police union endorsement?
      They don't *have* to endorse for that position, why did they?

      Do they think fearful voters that would otherwise vote for Mozy need a nudge/little suggestion or something & that they're not poisonous to those voters & even largely agreeable to them?
      They're not stupid/have their eyes on the prize oftentimes at the police union brain trust?

      Or, is it more operation mockingbird & Mozy's the guy they'd be OK(enough) with & endorsing Gonzales is just a spoiler?

      Mayfield looks OK/instinct says she'd be probably better than Meieran (or the others that look worse than Meieran), but it doesn't look like she's that well known or has any dollars behind her or a lot of experience yet?
      IDK if that's a throw-away vote?


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