No biggie

Here's a link to an interesting study. It concludes that if Oregon let you pump your own gas, prices would come down a big 4 cents a gallon.

If that.

Within a year or two, you'd have to pump your own gas everywhere in the state.


  1. Or $90 per year per driving household, which is more to some people than others, I guess.

    1. That's 187 gallons a month. That's about three times what we use, with two drivers. If the $90 a year, or $30 per driver, in the hypothetical driving household is a hardship, they likely have many more serious financial challenges.

    2. It all adds up. It’s on the same burden scale as the Arts Tax…

    3. Except that it's discretionary spending, not a flat tax. And you can adjust it by how much you drive, and how much gas the thing you drive guzzles.

    4. More discretionary for some people than for others.

      There are people who find themselves commuting to work by car because public transit is awful these days.

      And living close to where you work is an increasingly expensive and impractical gambit.

  2. In the not-so-distant future most of us will be "pumping" our own "gas" anyway in the form of plugging in your EV. I'm already there and have been for 3+ years, and I'm never going back.

  3. Except the direct and indirect cost of the lost jobs would be more than $0.04/gallon. What we really need is to both keep the pump jockeys AND also require that they offer to check and inflate tires free with any purchase as a condition for selling fuel. Once you become aware of tire under-inflation, you will see it everywhere you look.


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