Late hit

The Weed is outraged! Outraged, I say! The Democratic Party nomination in that new congressional district, so carefully gerrymandered by T. Kohoutek & Crew? It's about to be won by someone other than a party hack!

The nerve of him!

They can barely contain themselves, with no fewer than four stories today on the subject. Their two main political assassins take the lead, but they bring a capo along to show her how to improve her executioning technique, and they even rope in one of their "culture" types to do some of the slashing.

Despite the full-court press, it's a pretty weak attack. Yes, Carrick Flynn is being bankrolled by crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, who they make out as an Elon Musk clone manipulating the world from the Bahamas but is actually just a bright, spectacularly lucky faculty-brat nerd from Stanford. Yes, with that kind of money, Flynn doesn't have to go to all the rubber-chicken dinners and speak at every Rotary Club lunch all the way out to Sheridan. And yes, when his district only slightly overlaps with the Weed's hard-copy circulation area, he doesn't have to go to their office and kiss their ring. 

By the end of his interview with them, Flynn basically tells the Weed boys to kiss off. Their big spread against the guy is the paper's way of saying, "This is what happens when you don't play ball with us." And he's still going to win, which by me is a satisfying outcome.

In any event, the Weed's jabs and stabs are coming awfully late in the game. The ballots have been out for a few days now, and many voters have already voted. Even the dead ones.


  1. It's striking how WW just draws a straight line from 'campaign funded by a crypto billionaire' to 'Flynn is owned by crypto billionaire and will do his bidding' without any rhyme or reason.

    1. Plus, what does crypto billionaire want, and why is it evil? They haven't gotten to that part yet. All they know is, hacks like Loretta Smith aren't going to get the seat, as was originally planned by the Kafourys and Koteks.

  2. Sort of like Saturday Night Live- the Willy Weak is way past the day it was a thing, yet like a zombie sticks around.

  3. Nostalgia for capitalists that actually uh..had at risk capital that produced something useful, jealous of the ~.001% of financially above water / successful people under age ~40 & their buddies are the Kafourys & Kotek-adjacent in the Bureaucracy?

  4. It has been hilarious to watch the Flynn ads and the Reynolds ads. Flynn, who they just allowed to start speaking in his commercials, has a squeaky, falsetto voice like Peter Courtney. I understand why they wouldn't let him talk for the first six weeks. He would have you believe he lived in a row boat for six years after the '96 flood. Reynolds, on the other hand, in an effort to out-poverty Flynn, would have you believe he was abandoned in a meth trailer at nine years old with seven younger siblings to care for. Hilarious politicial hijinks. I don't think Flynn is going to win, however, which will be very amusing.


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