KOIN plays along

I see that Channel 6 is publishing Republican gubernatorial candidate Stan Pulliam's claims that his pitiful downtown Portland rally on Saturday was "attacked" by "Antifa." He's showing around more photos. They look no less fake than the videos Pulliam, the ex-swinging Sandy mayor, sent out on Saturday.

Here's the photographer who took the photo for the campaign, on the other side of the "rioters":

Remarkable that he had the foresight to be so well-placed to get the "Antifa," the smoke, and the bus all in the frame.

In 16 days, Pulliam will be an amusing footnote in Oregon history. What a piece of work.

Meanwhile, I looked it up:

 ORS 162.375 Initiating a false report.

  (1) A person commits the crime of initiating a false report if the person knowingly initiates a false alarm or report which is transmitted to a fire department, law enforcement agency or other organization that deals with emergencies involving danger to life or property.

   (2) Initiating a false report is a Class C misdemeanor. [1971 c.743 § 212]


  1. I decided to watch the Twitter video that is linked in your previous post, and couldn't stop laughing. They could have at least gotten some community theater actors to ham it up and make it a little bit more believable. The "rioters" pretty much stayed in the crosswalk and it appears they crossed with the light. How VERY Antifa!


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