It ain't me, babe

I got an email message this morning from an outfit reminding me that Microsoft is retiring its Internet Explorer browser next month. Actually, I hadn't heard that before. And having left the Windows world for good several years ago, I can't say I care. Even when I was suffering through Windows, I had ditched that awful browser long before, as have most people.

I used IE for many years, but I don't feel any nostalgia for it. Now, Netscape, with the throbbing logo – those were the days.
I should have made the transition to Macs a lot sooner. You get way more money sucked out of your pockets in the Apple world, but there's less hassle. A lot less.


  1. Exactly. The Apple tax is visible up front and is paid once and then you can pretty much forget about it. The perverse nature of days lost randomly to Windows kluge is a much higher tax in the end.


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