If you say so

 I'd better clear out the last of last week's election porn before the next batch arrives. Here ya go:

I guess these are the two to vote for. They're endorsed by some people I trust.

But the sheriff candidate is also endorsed by a few people I definitely don't trust, so there's that. And the auditor candidate comes to us from that hideous Metro government, the out-of-control scam center of the region, so there's also that.

I'm not getting a good feeling here.

The floor is open to anyone who can shed light on them or their opponents: Brian Setzler for city auditor and Derrick Peterson for county sheriff.


  1. Yes...I share your unease. But only so much is offered up. And, there is no such thing as an "ideal candidate".

  2. Setzler filed for personal bankruptcy some years back. Bad look for someone asking to oversee financial doings.


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