Go away and stay away

Today's performance by the Republican death cult has been breathtaking. They've outdone even their usual wretched selves.

If you are still a Republican after all this, you have something wrong with you. Please stay far, far away from me. I don't want to have anything to do with you, ever again.

I couldn't be more serious about that. And I'm being a lot more polite than I'd like to be.

We really do need to break up this country in a peaceful way while there is still time. As it stands now, it is not going to survive much longer, anyway.


  1. This nation of colonial invaders and genocidal murders & slavers has been an experiment in terror from the get-go. Needs a moral re-boot.

    1. See, for just one of thousands of examples:

      (As named by Tanacharison)

  2. There are a lot of fair-minded people out there who tend conservative who are baffled by gun nuts. Personally, I wouldn’t associate with one but there are arguments on both sides that are convincing. But as far as passing legislation to make them illegal to buy and sale, well that is a no-brainer.

    There will eventually come a tipping point where the public says enough is enough. But, there seems to be a commonality with the people who commit these acts. Young men who are socially isolated and akward, living on social media with little real human interaction, and no way to express their feelings except through their sick acts of “revenge.” Throw in violent video games and music that glorifies violence, and that is a recipe for trouble.

    We had bullying and such 50 years ago, but kids either settled it with their fists or they put up with it and moved on. Guns were available but no one I knew had or used them. And believe me, I ran with way tougher crowds than any of these school/supermarket shooters
    did. It was brutal going to public school back then but you either toughened up or just hoped it would pass. Which of course it always did eventually.

  3. Both parties suck up to big pharma. The number of kids- especially boys that are on anti-depressives is staggering. And we know that they cause many people to go crazy and lose all rational thought. But this NEVER gets mentioned. And more people are killed in gun-free cities every week than a horrific school shooting, and this includes many innocent children. But we never mention that either. What is common is that both are drug-fueled insanity. How about a real discussion instead of finger pointing?


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