Firefighters take a pass on Hardesty

The Portland firefighters' union isn't endorsing anybody in Jo Ann With the Bullhorn's race for re-election to the City Council.

“We felt like, in large part, we were an afterthought for at least the first two, three years of her time in office, and it wasn’t until she was prepared to run and thinking, ‘I like this governing thing [and] I think I need to start focusing on the fire department,’” he said. “It feels a lot like a campaign move at that point.”...

She's not getting a big vote of confidence from the manager types, either. 

Asked how the commissioner could improve, the bureau directors told city HR staff they had concerns about the way “emotions get the best of her,” her “us versus them mindset with PPB,” and her “tendency to make remarks and quips that may undermine her stature and credibility.”

You can read the whole thing, including a small slice of Admiral Randy's apparent comeback to public life, here.