Check your equipment

Another flyer from you-know-who was in the mailbox yesterday. These things have gotten so big that they won't even fit on my scanner, so I have to take two shots to get a whole side in:

She's still "fighting." With whom, I'll never know. Kate Brown? Lew Frederick?

As for the beneficiaries of said "fighting," this particular brag leaves a lot of people out.

Interestingly, in a household with three female voters, this one came addressed to the lone male voter. It's almost like she wants to let me know that she's fighting, well, me.

I don't know that I could take four years of this. Jaimeville, here we come.


  1. So is Margaret the ‘man’ of the house? From all appearances, she/they/ze are. Tina has to keep pushing the “L” it appears to be her sole attribute.


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