Any day now, we'll fix these things

And the hits just keep on comin'. Our neighborhood DeJoy Boy left us this one today:

It's so thoughtful of her to supply a convenient checklist of the most important things she hasn't gotten done in five-plus years on the county commission.

Not that Stegmann's an unlikeable sort. Her life story is, in fact, inspiring – unlike the recent perfomance of county government. And an interesting factoid: She was a Republican for 40 years before Trump turned her stomach. Now she's a D. In a nonpartisan race, that's not supposed to make a difference, but in this one-party county, it can't hurt.

Be that as it may, I'm not buying. I'm voting for Meieran, and rooting for Mayfield too. 


  1. I'm gonna go for Mayfield on the grounds that I haven't gotten fliers for her or seen ads for her & she doesn't seem to piss people off & seems organized?

    I may eat crow on this (strategically), but I think because Mayfield has no fliers there's no chance & it's probably Petersen all the way or *maaaybe* Meieran.
    She doesn't seem to piss people off & hope she hangs around?

    Stegman strikes me as a Liz Warren Republican (which I guess Warren mostly was -1996, tho MA Rs are weird/Romney-like or slightly to the left of him even).

    I'll vote against any Warren-esque figures just on principle for any dish-rag Charisma or taking PAC money or representing young people that have made it, but I don't actively dislike them?
    Just late converts/wanna shout after being converted?

    Having trouble w/Vadim-Gonzales-Jo-Ann..
    ...if it's Hardesty all-the-way, but Vs. Gonzales, I'll go with Vadim on the 1st round just to voice my displeasure w/Hardesty's bad instincts/bull in the china shop disorder & daydreams making infeasible/unenforceable policy, but being totally right on police overtime pay that rolls into their giant PERS pensions as a HUGE liability for us & other stuff like that?

    If, its a possible scenario like Betsy Johnson possibly taking away D votes and landing us with someone really objectionable/a republican or Gonzales, I'll leave it blank/write in my dog or maybe have to really hold my nose & Vote for Hardesty in the general...
    ...There sure are a lotta Gonzales signs in Eastmoreland, Bridlemile, Alameda ridge 'anyone but him' sorta on principle if all politics is spite

  2. From listening to meetings & seeing Hardesty, I think her instincts for public relations/inflamatory stuff are bad/contra to her stated goals (if she wishes to achieve them or make progress toward them?).

    & she's kinda amateur hour disorganized & I worry about the integrity of someone who's in debt/maybe has a gambling habit or medical bill or maybe some mental health stability questionability & army PTSD from being a grunt?

    That said, I wouldn't call Hardesty 'incurious' or 'stupid' nor do I think it's necessarily wise to swap out someone in her position who does have honorable stated goals & is curious about how to achieve them within our entrenched & lousy bureaucracy that's likely to resist implementing them, especially if they think they can boot you after only 1 term before you can actually get anything done?

    But it has been kinda amatuer hour & clown show down there from the looks of it?

    Does Vadim have a shot at it, he's a bit of an unknown & the slug fest with Jo Ann down in the mud like a piggie isn't a great look & backed by a lot of downtowners & a little NGO complex close for comfort, but maybe he's got the organizational skills & business acumen to make some deals without alienating quite as many people who matter or take a fall in these days when as the incumbent & visible face card you're likely to be hated if people are dimly aware of your existence in a major american city, especially one with a council structure & entrenched clique & bureaucracy like ours?

  3. I guess no strong informed opinion preference between Vadim & Jo Ann?

    Jo ann 'with the bull horn' inflammatory grandstander that's got some debts & real enemies worries me/ potentially compromised & vulnerable.

    Vadim...seems a little slipperier / don't quite know what you're getting with him & hasn't bumped around in the bureaucracy to figure out how it works a little & what or who in it is resistant to reform as Hardesty has had some time to do (maybe at our expense or potential backlash in the short (hopefully not long) term?)

    Don't know what I want of the likely choices or outcomes?
    Hardesty wins barely, Vadim comes in 2nd narrowly, we flush that turd / police union company shill Gonzales & maybe get the Eastmoreland Hysterical (Historic) district people to really show their true colors (fine by me, but probably no chance/they're likely to be monied, resourceful, & underhanded & slippery?)?

    Vadim wins barely, Hardesty gets a chill out round & Vadim can make some deals / be a quick study without getting bamboozled by the bureaucracy or be too compromised or beholden to one individual backer or machine that puts him in there?

    Or you get Gonzales the police union endorsed guy & maybe he turns out to be less of a scumbag than he by all accounts is advertising / might be thought & only a 1 termer but knows the ropes, doesn't care if he's popular or loses & lets the police union & all my enemies down in the tonier historic districts as well as the greediest of the developer weasels & is a bit of a class traitor/they don't have enough on him to blackball him? Seems unlikely/he seems like bad news, but can't really tell?

    IDK that I really have an informed opinion?

  4. I'm pretty much going to go with recommendations from the Queen of Hearts> Off with their heads...


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