All in the family

While the old people were busy building their Betsy Johnson files, Willamette Weed & Mushroom let one of their younger hitters take a swing at one of the Portland City Council candidates, A.J. McCreary, yesterday. OMG, McCreary put her kid on the campaign payroll, which of course is financed by the city's awful taxpayer-financed campaign system. Eyebrow raised!

Meh. That brand of grift has been going on since the days of Emilie Boyles, and it's never going to stop as long as they keep throwing public money out to marginal politician-wannabes so that they can tilt at their windmills. And don't expect the Weed to ever push back on that system. It's their darling. Millions burned on election porn that could have been spent on, oh I don't know, something frivolous like picking up all the damn garbage everywhere.

Question: If taxpayer-financed elections are so great, why do the politicians it produces invariably turn out to be terrible at their jobs?

Anyway, I'm sure the Weed has figured out that McCreary (who sounds like a Eudaly-Hardesty hybrid) doesn't stand a chance against the incumbent, Dan Ryan. So they can get all rough and tough, it doesn't matter. It's garbage time in that particular race, and so they can afford to both-sides it.

Then again, maybe it was just rounding out their Mothers Day coverage.