A fail for Mingus

Things are not going well at Portland's 911 call center. Trying to get help from the public safety system on the phone these days is a complete disaster. 

The city commissioner in charge is Mingus Mapps, who took over from Jo Ann With the Bullhorn. 

Part of the problem is that bureaucrats from Multnomah County are also involved, and as usual, the two silos can't work together. Oh, and the sweethearts in the city attorney's office have been hissing about liability, which has led to gumming up the works and making the city even more vulnerable to being sued.

OPB has an excellent rundown on the situation here. It's pretty much just bad management. Bad, bad management. In other words, the Portland way.


  1. The solution to every problem is to throw more of our money into the cesspool.

    1. Ralphzillo: Your money wouldn’t be worse spent if you just stood in a port-o-potty and tossed in C-notes for a while.

  2. Gross incompetence runs rampant through city and county governments with no relief in sight (I won't even go into state government). The problem is nobody wants these jobs unless they have no other gainful employment. The best people to solve the multi-layered issues are already ensconced in well-paying private-sector employment and they do not want the sheer aggravation of public service.


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