When there is no pebble tossed

Uh oh. A judge in Clackamas County did not get the memo about not making waves.

Judge Ann Lininger has reportedly ruled that Oswego Lake meets the criteria for public land status. I think that means that anybody, even the unwashed masses, can splash around in the water, long regarded as private property, if they can find some legal way to jump in. The city down there forbids you from even dipping your toe in from a public park, a rule that those annoying hippies who brought the lawsuit are also challenging. But in the meantime, what about hang-gliding from Mountain Park? Or dropping from a helicopter?

I'm sure the homeowners around the lake, who paid big bucks for exclusivity, aren't pleased and will appeal the judge's latest ruling, issued yesterday. To the property owners, it's just a matter of time before the gangster rap parties and the crackheads in the zombie houseboats start showing up.


  1. I’m sure that the cops will make it so unpleasant for “nonresidents” that they will think twice about coming back to the lake. I’m sure that the people who filed suit are doing it to make some kind of stand against the lake dwellers.....because if they really wanted to swim here there is public swimming at George Rogers park,

  2. Lulz might wanna get the version of the song right?
    Supposedly they met after Phillips got back from Korea at the twilight of Woodie still being cogent / compos mentis before the injury?


    I enjoy Woodie's voice, though Cisco Houston played with him so many times/years that I think he gets the cadence & spirit of the songs maybe as well or better?
    ,& IDK if it's that Woodie's studio or equipment sucked or they just never got a good session to cut the records, but Houston, even tho it was still 1950s recording equipment has MUCH better captured audio sessions.

    I'll be right down in my sherman tank, Northrup Grumman waste military industrial aluminum 'roll on columbia' cheap kilowatts (unless you're under the yoke of Enron/PGE scam markup, apparently?) smelted sailing canoe & speedo!

    Failing that, canoe down ash creek from crestwood to fanno creek to the feeder canal to the Lake No Negro?

    Being ruled over by a bunch of 50+ year old divorced dad monied suburbanite pieces of sh1t gets old?
    Accordingly, do the world a favor & get going w/ Operation rolling thunder for most all american suburbs?
    Tho, everyone gets old eventually & we all want a bit to retire on, eh?

    1. I'll also add I also have fond memories of checking out a canoe off the rack leaving from a family friend's late 1930s study well built brick facade/full basement w/ lovely finished attic cottage in 1st edition as a kid coming from Portland? *shrug*

      'course its utterly unrecognizable now (I've literally gotten lost trying to 'navigate by feel' w/o the google robot's help/exact address & coordinates/satelite aid?)...the few cottages that haven't been knocked down might have a cute frontage, but they hide their wealth well & go up & back another ~30feet with way fewer trees that they used to and are surrounded by garrish McMansion monstrosity cruise ships...


    2. Can't find the intro clip that shows the sign displaying the following words:
      'Caddy's allowed in Pool from 1-1:15PM Saturday' or something....I imagine that's how the LO people want this?
      I imagine the LO crowd views it about as Judge Smails does? (don't care for that film really otherwise or Chevy Chase as an actor, but whatever?)

      There's a feeder channel from the Tualatin river, any navigable river or body of water's fair game for non-motorized watercraft, tho some require invasive species permits depending on...uh...various arbitrary & esoteric attributes...few of which necessarily have a lot to do with preventing invasive aquatic species spread & mitigation I suspect (paddle boards no, but canoes yes for permits...I forget exactly if it's a length or shape thing...I read the revised statute long ago?)

      Seems pretty cut & dried to me?

    3. D'oh, there it is (the sign) top of the clip copy pasta...


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