The postman rang twice

Our ballots for the primary election arrived in the mail yesterday, in a new color scheme that I hope will not confuse too many of my fellow old folks. And along with it, the mail carrier dropped off some timely election porn:

It's one of the bobbleheads on the Multnomah County commission, looking to re-up for a second four-year term. "More housing," front and center. Sure, more apartment bunkers; that's what will get the junkies off the streets.

But that face – it looks kinda familiar. I could have sworn I saw it just yesterday... Where was it? My short-term memory isn't what it once was...

Oh yeah, right. GONG!!!!

Time to break out the voters' pamphlet and see who the alternatives might be.... I see a guy named Derry Jackson there. Works for me. Hand me my pen.


  1. I appreciate your focused indifference. Cynical and sincere. You are a local treasure.

  2. I looked up his invention, the 'two hands pro,' which goes in a mitt, and keeps you from closing it, so you need two hands to control the ball. Pretty good thing, by the looks.


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