So exciting, I spilled my Metamucil

I must say, the flow of election porn to our snail-mailbox has been pretty weak so far. But the Voters' Pamphlet got here today, and so things may be about to heat up.

In with the pamphlet – which is always in the running for the world's most depressing publication – came a flyer:

There are a few things in there that are mildly "change-y." More cops, "clean up" parks and streets, those should rile up the kids at the Merc. And wow, pretty much all white people, mostly old (spoiler alert: Waldo is bottom center).

But against the union money and the far left, Read's probably going to lose by about 10 percentage points in this preliminary bout. Then we can focus on Betsy Johnson vs. You-Know-Who. That one should be a real howler.


  1. We get some? kind of ranked choice voting?

    Johnson is getting $ from Phil Knight who gave a good bit of $ to Knute Buehler.

    If you're an R in OR, presumably you know you aren't going to win (the gov. race?) outright, so what's the smart money from their point of view?
    Hope Johnson takes away D Votes? (that might be likely enough?)
    Have your guys drop out & hope Johnson wins?

    The Rs have deep pockets & actual party discipline oriented toward an objective...most years...they're not just a networking of individual grifters, hacks & personalities/face cards always...

    Sorta undecided, if a Johnson vote is an R vote, that doesn't sound appealing, really?
    Rotten / nothing to show & dysfunctional as Kate Brown & Co. CA-dynasty democrat deathstar supermajority/death-grip-adjacent as she's mostly been...

    The glossy fliers are coming trickling in, but don't sign up for anything, so don't get a TON of them?

    Some kind of city council reform sounds nice, but they have more representative govt. in the UK or even in places like Detroit (have to vote all the way down to drain commissioner (sewer, basically) & dog catcher) or NH where they have a ridiculously large state-house (cheap liquor taxes among other things) & things still kinda suck?

    Not that optimistic that it'd be a lot better/some great panacea for a struggling city getting hit hard w/many problems & many entrenched interests, each dept. defending their turf w/what feels like a smaller pie overall? It might be 'less bad' in some ways, depending, though?

    Gotta say, in our grubby little corruption & graft state, it is machiavellian brilliant that off-years the primary is usually a closed one & happens just after tax day but only a lousy 2 weeks before election day in may.
    Then, other years, its before property tax & closed primary by party IIRC? Brilliant! (for the powers that be that is).

  2. What's on the back side of that mail piece?


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