Roll call

If you didn't know before now that Vladimir Putin was a vicious, murderous dictator, you were more than a little slow on the uptake. But come on, you know now.

Speaking of now, it might be a good time to remember those eight members of the United States Congress who spent Fourth of July 2018 in Moscow kissing his ring. They were:


Ron Johnson (Wisc.)

Richard Shelby (Ala.)

Steve Daines (Mont.)

John Thune (S.D.)

John N. Kennedy (La.)

Jerry Moran (Kan.)

John Hoeven (N.D.)


Kay Granger (Tex.)

All, of course, are Republicans. And they are all still in office, as far as I can tell.

“I’m not here today to accuse Russia of this or that or so forth,” Shelby told Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. “I’m saying that we should all strive for a better relationship.”

They are bad people, every one of them. Please don't vote for a Republican for anything, ever again. 


  1. Dems take their money on sleazy real estate deals in the blue states? *shrug*
    The Clinton & wall street boys really picked the bones of the place in the 1990s & put Yeltsin in there/propped up that drunk clown, but when he was dyin' (all too quickly & unexpectedly), Yeltsin had to slot someone in there that wouldn't be a threat to Yeltsin's immediate surviving family after he was gone that was also competent, what kinda guy you think you're gonna find to do that job?

    I'm no Putin apologist, I think everything you said is totally true, but it's gonna be bad, things are shitty here, all our news feeds are stuffed full of Ukraine takes by every Bush & Iraq war ghoul & war profiteer in our media w/no local news about things the avg. american *can* organize & do something meaningful about that isn't a distraction or what to expect for precious metals prices, supply chain issues, oil prices, chip inlays, automotive programming etc that the avg. american (even for selfish reasons) is information that could be immediately valuable/practical to them.

    But ya, the republican way is more 'in your face' & hopes they can amp things up & you forget what they said 10 seconds ago...
    ..I think they genuinely admire the 'we're gonna steal all the $, disrupt' & the republican base is local barons, labor intensive extractive industry, & weapons (tho dems too but repubs it's more blunt hi-volume conventional weapons than high tech weapons).

    Better yet, can we parachute every Iraq & afghanistan war profiteering ghoul to the front lines/kick them out of a helicopter ~next october largely naked to invade russia like Franco did with Batallion Azul (blue is what they sure were & will be scantily clad in Russia come November!).
    & maybe some of these republicans too for good measure?
    'You guys like wars...what are you waiting for, put up & get in there!'

  2. It is crazy to watch Victor Orban & the euro faaaar right that were all huge Putin suck-ups turning circles.

    Poland is taking *some* immigrants as is 'NATO ally' (biggest scare quotes ever) Turkey, but central-eastern europe was basically building border walls, moats up to ~5 mins ago...

    ... & if you think avg. middle america's attitude toward immigrants in ~Iowa full of fat assholes & the corn lobby/ethanol fuel scam is bad (it takes more oil, underground water & soil nutrient depletion to make ethanol than just refining actual oil to gasoline, & those Iowa A-holes are the reason the closed caucus for the dems starts there, but I digress, no way was Sanders gonna be president, either way, much less an effective president, probably?) is bad...Central-Eastern Europe is a whole 'nother level!

    Even France for that matter is pretty bad on immigrants...look at Marine LePen's numbers & uh...'sanitized past' compared to her father's favorability ratings in '68?
    Sweden is about on par with us with immigration attiudes/treatment of immigrants, which is to say waaay above most of Europe...eee
    Germany...depends where you are & which kind of immigrants...
    Italy...depends, Venito where they still have some non military industrial beating domestic heart? Kinda? They've also had to take a shit ton of immigrants & have an aging population/are screwed & on the euro currecy as a net-exporter.

    Right before this I was hoping Jean-Luc Melenchon might win w/lots of militant understudies below him as a Tito-like figure to unite/consolidate the resistance & bash the corporate media to hell, but in the first world with a ton of nukes/submarines/anti-ship Exocet missiles etc. & develop their own first strike nukes & just peace-out of NATO & everyone would leave with the French. Dreamy/wishful thinking, I know.
    20+ more years of zombie NATO consensus, the worst Iraq war boosters in charge & mirror image & worse until Putin croaks?
    Maybe some shard of light might be possible...20-40 years after Putin's dead?

    Can you imagine how much better of we'd be if we were napoleonic code instead of awful english common law & french weren't on their backs to sell us Louisiana purchase land & it had to be a triangulated negotiated deal between the Brits, French & US?
    Say what you will about the French, at least they had a revolution, incomplete & flawed as it was/is?
    You can be catholic, have a mistress (or mister/playboy?)/side piece, & a 3 hour lunch break, 3-4 day work week & 4 month vacation w/safe nuclear power & good cheap wine? Problem?
    They don't have Hollywood & our movie magic, sadly...?

    The weirdest one for me is Israel taking people for their little ethno-state project as well as food imports from Russia/russia adjacent on the 'down low.'
    Doesn't surprise, but there hafta be some folks in langley @ dept of State &...various 3-letter agencies on the embargo that aren't too happy about that?
    Sneaking suspicion that the Mossad agents that train our cops (& worse no doubt?) that there'd be some uh..'incidents' in american cities if the US state/mafia don was to properly discipline Israel for that to to the company line.
    ...& well...I assume this is also further confirmation Israel has a nuke...if you needed any?

  3. Apparently this picture was taken in his families bombed out apartment because it was his birthday and it was a family tradition to take his birthday picture in their home.


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